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Dog & Cat Grooming Nottingham, Newark, Melton Mowbray, Grantham



Small Dog 20.00

Medium Dog 20-30.00 (Up to 20kg)

Large Dog  30 - 40   -

Giant Dog 40 + (Over 30kg)


Cat Bathing - 10


Dog & Cat Excess Matt Removal

20 per hour


Dog Walking

8 Dependant on size of animal


House Sitting Animals

10 per day

Nails & Ears Only

5 For Small and Medium

Large Dog 10

Giant Dog 20


Dog Bath & Dry

Small Dog: 10

Medium 10-15

Large 15-20 

Giant 20 +


Teeth Clean Only

10 (Must have had this treatment previously)


Specialised Paw pad treatment

10 Aromatherapy Tharassotherapy 25


Colour Restoration System - 30


ITA Grooming, In Our Own HomeIan Armitage is the owner of ITA Grooms and is a fully qualified animal groomer, is a Registered Advisor with Hills Pet Nutrition, and offers grooming for dogs and cats, as well as other household pets. Ian has lived in The Vale of Belvoir for many years and is an owner of pets himself. Hes always been an animal lover and has numerous client groups where his services have proved to be of excellent quality.


Special care is taken for animals which have skin complaints and other specialist ailments.


On some occasions, cats need assistance with their grooming, especially show cats, and if their fur becomes tangled or matted, they may need to have it cut. Also, if someone in your household is allergic, or your cat sheds its fur excessively, professional grooming should help amend this.


Dog Grooming Cat, Horse, Rabbit, Hamster Grooming Dog Walking Dog Sitting At Your Home


The grooming & styling of your pets involves a great deal of work in order to do it properly; bathing, trimming, nail cutting, ears & teeth cleaning and brushing. With dogs, the breeds will often establish grooming styles. Clippers or scissors would probably need to be based upon the type of fur the dog has, and the length of it, for instance, some dogs fur should never be cut really short, just trimmed, as it removes the natural, water-proofing lanolin in their fur.


For some dog breeds you might want to choose a special style, ITA Grooms can advise and carry out any style you may require. Every grooming service includes nail trimming and ear cleaning, and our staff is exceedingly proficient in all aspects of animal grooming.


We are stockists of Dorwest Herbal Medicines and Dietary Supplements for both dogs and cats. Dorwest are highly regarded in the veterinary world, and ITA Grooms are proud to be able to offer their products, fully knowing that they will fulfil everything your dog or cat will require.



Dorwest Herbs Registered


Please note: When booking an appointment over the phone or via e-mail you will receive a telephone confirmation from me the day before, if you cannot confirm, the appointment may have to be re-scheduled or cancelled.

For Further Information from our Bottesford Based

Animal Grooming Company, Call: 01949 842 306 or 07711 564 441